We are lost human souls, corrupted by evil, lost and forgetful of the light and warmth that kept our hearts alive in the past. Join us. Forget all the pain, forget all your duties, forget all about “doing the right thing”. Look at yourself in the mirror and admit it: secretly, deep down in your own heart you desire to unleash the beast within you and lose yourself in your own madness.

Draconicon, a new full Italian metal project
A new project, Draconicon, is born today from the minds of five young musicians located throughout the Italian territory.
The intent of these musicians is to make Draconicon a full power metal project, in a mix of dark & gothic atmosphere, the result of the awakening of an Ancient Evil, left forgotten for so long.
An innovative concept in which chaos and madness overcome order and reason.
The band’s sound is European style power metal, inspired by great masters of this genre. It has many important influences, going from extreme metal to classic music and creating a very personal style.
A unique sound, that can bring the listener into the dark world of Draconicon.

Join the Draconicon and become part of the Genus Draconis!

Email: info@draconicon.com


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